Friday, June 15, 2012

Take Your Daughters to Work Day

Not really.... but I did take Noelle and Kaela to my school for the morning.  

In April (when the Japanese school year begins) I started a part-time job assisting two English teachers at Fukugawa High School.  The teachers I work with have never lived in an English-speaking country, so they depend on native English speakers for help.  It's a very fun job!  Two of my classes are on an "English major" track in high school.  They study English 2-3 hours a day at school.  

The students were working on short book or movie reviews, so Noelle and Kaela demonstrated by reviewing Harry Potter and the Disney animated movie "Anastasia."  Here students are practicing in pairs.

After class, lots of excitement!

Lunchtime!  There is no cafeteria in the school - only a tiny snack counter.  Students bring bento from home and they sit in the classrooms or out in the hallway in a common area. Can you imagine someone coming into the Russell Street School cafeteria and taking pictures of your food? :).

 Heading back home on the trains... a really fun morning!

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