Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Matsumoto, part one - the castle

This past week, Mr. Nanto's Aunt Masako was visiting Japan from the states.  Very early Saturday morning we took a train and met Masako and her sisters in Matsumoto, their hometown.

Straight from the train station, we visited the famous castle in Matsumoto.  Many castles were destroyed by bombing during World War II, but this one survived, and it is ancient and very well preserved.  You might call it a "ninja" or "samurai" castle.  It was very dark inside, so I didn't get many pictures.
Approaching Matsumoto castle. 

Those cone-like structures protect the trees from heavy snow.

Once inside the castle, we took off our shoes and put on plastic slippers, and joined the crowds exploring the castle along a pre-determined route.  There were many stairs!
Looking out from the third or fourth floor.

Samurai warrior armor. 

Looking down at the moat.

We climbed up and down very steep stairs throughout the castle.

Ancient coins.  

Stay tuned for more photos from our weekend in Matsumoto!

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