Friday, January 13, 2012


On our second day in Hiroshima, we took a side trip to Miyajima, a "sacred island" not far from Hiroshima.  I used to go there sometimes on my days off from work many years ago.  It was so fun to see it again, this time with my family!  Not much has changed there in 25 years.

We took a train and then a short ferry ride to reach the island.  From the ferry we could see the giant orange Torii, which appears as if it's floating in the water during high tide. 

Tommy loved seeing the many deer, which are allowed to roam freely on the island and are quite tame.

We walked around, and toured the Shinto shrine.

 Who can resist a photo with the world's biggest rice paddle?

We ended the day with some traditional sweets called "Momijimangu" - little cakes filled with sweet bean paste, or custard.

And finally we took the ferry back to the mainland, a train to Hiroshima station, a Shinkansen back to Tokyo, and a taxi home to our apartment!

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